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Richard Garrison - RGP3 Solutions Inc

After a decade in the printing industry, I knew that relationships were everything. I had developed a powerful list of trade-only vendors across the United States who not only could do everything related to printing (including digital, fulfillment, etc.) but also offered the most competitive pricing and were the most professional and nicest people on the planet. I knew that I needed to share this directly with customers. That was 2005 and the moment I decided to start RGP3 Solutions. People often ask the meaning of the number “3.” Well, I have three talented, brilliant, and amazing daughters. I used the number to remind myself that they are the driving force behind all that I do and an important part of who I am. Work isn’t important without family and fun.

Another decade has passed, and relationships are still everything and consultation is a big part of my process. I help clients use the most advanced technologies to their cost advantage, both digital and print. Most importantly, the end product should be a seamless fit with your brand.

I’ve added a few more names to my list of professional relationships, but my mission is still the same. I want to offer the best service for the best price and work with great people who care about their work. My dad always said that trust and integrity last a lifetime. Decades later, he was right.

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Richard Garrison
Founder & President

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